Ryan Reynolds Admits to Leaking “Deadpool” Test Footage

By Staff  |  02/17/2016


Deadpool finally hit theaters over the weekend to record numbers, but getting the film off the ground took years.

In an interview on The Tonight Show last week, actor Ryan Reynolds revealed that he's been trying to get the movie made for 11 years, but the studio drug their feet.

If fans recall, test footage of the film leaked in summer 2014, resulting in a frenzy online from Marvel fans, which gave FOX no choice but to move greenlight the movie.

In his interview, the actor kind of admits that he was behind it. "I know that one of us did it," Reynolds says. "There's four of us: me, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Tim Miller. We all said at the beginning that someone should leak it, so the idea was planted."

Which one of the team leaked it? "I'm 70 percent sure it wasn't me," he said.

Nonetheless, Deadpool is out now... and has already been greenlit for a sequel! YES!