Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” Pirated More Than 500K Times

By Staff  |  02/16/2016

Kanye West

Although Kanye West recently said his The Life of Pablo album would never go on sale and only be available on streaming service Tidal, it's being pirated vastly online.

According to estimates by Torrent Freak (via the BBC), the album has been pirated more than 500,000 times since it became available.

Torrent Freak says that the album's "limited availability angered many fans who refused to sign up for an expensive monthly subscription."

"Generally we don't track music releases closely, so I'm not calling any records," Torrent Freak said in an interview with the BBC. "However, I haven't seen numbers this high before for a music release -- not with Adele either."

Kanye debuted the album last week during an event at Madison Square Garden, followed by a release on TIDAL over the weekend.