Martin Shkreli Upped Offer for Kanye’s Album to $15 Million

By Staff  |  02/14/2016

Martin Shkreli

Controversial pharmaceutical CEO, Martin Shkrel, has upped his offer for Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album.

Just days after offering $10 million to purchase the anticipated project, he has increased the offer to $15 million USD.

"I am increasing my offer to $15 million," Shkreli writes in press release. "This figure is materially above any realistic album sales forecast given to me by third-party experts."

However, there are a few stipulations. "My offer is subject to further revision, pending due diligence and confirmation that this album is what I believe is the greatest recorded studio album of all time."

Shkreli goes on to explain that he loves music, and wants to prove it with his offer. "As a respected and noted music collector, I request that you sell me this album not to deprive your fans of the music, but to remind the world that music is a precious and important part of our lives. You are the greatest artist of my generation and deserve to be treated as such. Your work will be treasured for decades, or even centuries, if you proceed with my alternative."

Kanye West has released The Life of Pablo both on streaming service TIDAL and his official website... without responding to Shkreli's offer.