Kendrick Lamar Presented with Key to Compton

By Staff  |  02/14/2016

Kendrick Lamar

A month after the news was revealed, Kendrick Lamar was presented with the key to the city of Compton on Saturday.

In a ceremony featuring city officials and Mayor Aja Brown, the rapper was honored... and praised.

"Kendrick Lamar is a phenomenal artist whose work has served as a catalyst to raise a new level of consciousness for this generation," Brown told the L.A. Times. "His message challenges the status quo and motivates listeners to rethink our society's institutions."

The mayor also quoted the lyrics to Kendrick's single "Alright", as she introduced him during the the ceremony, which followed with dance performances by local students.

"Having this key to the city is not just a representation or the glorification that I have Compton, it's a representation of all of us, this is a representation of us opening more programs for these kids, opening more job opportunities, that's how I'm looking at it from my own platform," Kendrick said in a statement. "With that being said, as long as I'm doing music, as long as I'm using my platform for something, I will always scream 'Compton' and make sure to come back to this community and do right by it, because you all did alright by me. Through all the hardship, losing family members, losing homeboys, for some reason we always still love Compton, because we have faith."

Check out a clip from the ceremony below.

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