Turk Details Heroin Addiction in Early Days With Cash Money

By Staff  |  02/13/2016


Southern rap veteran Turk, who rose to fame as a signee of Cash Money Records, recently opened up about his serious drug addiction during the label's beginnings.

In an interview on the Murder Master Music Show, he revealed that his drug use began in an attempt to be like rappers he looked up to... but eventually spiraled out of control.

"It started off like how n*ggas drink syrup and pop pills today. It's like a fashion statement, everybody is doing it, that's what they are rappin' about," Turk explained. "Back in the days, Magnolia Slim (God Bless the dead), he use to rap about snortin' powder. You had a group Partners-N-Crime and UNLV and that's what they rapped about and they did that and that is what we seen coming up".

"We would go to dances and I'd snort powder, and eventually, I just graduated to dope. Then eventually on the Cash Money-Ruff Ryders tours, I started shooting dope," he continued.

Turk says the problem went on for years... until he eventually overdosed and sent to prison, where he was forced to stop=. "I was sprung out on that sh*t for about eight years and I had went to jail," he said. "Before I went to jail, I had OD'd in Memphis. I was going out and I revived myself with ice. The next day, I revived myself again and put ice on my nuts and I prayed. Three days later, the police kicked my door in and I went to prison. I kicked my habit cold turkey in prison and I ain't looked back and now I'm 13 years clean."

Turk reveals that he wasn't the only rapper on Cash Money using either. He said that the incarcerated B.G. and he used both heroin and cocaine. "Just me and BG use to f*ck with heroin and cocaine. Juvenile did his thing, and Wayne ain't never did nothing," he said. "Me and B.G. had some serious habits and Juvenile had a habit. We kicked that sh*t now dawg. Money, sex, and drugs comes with that lifestyle and it's up to you to shun it and to say no but it's gonna be there."

While the crew was getting strung out, Cash Money heads Slim and Birdman tried to guide the young rappers and were disappointed in finding out about their drug use, says Turk.

"A lot of people thought that Baby and Slim was encouraging us to do drugs, but they used to be mad at us when we would come to the studio loaded," Turk said. "That is how I missed the 'Bling Bling' song. I did the official 'Bling Bling' and a lot of people thought they took my verse out, but Universal wanted us to do a radio version and I am thinking they were gonna edit us out like they always do, but I had to go to the studio."

"At the time, I know Baby didn't like us to be loaded and I was getting loaded with my homeboys all that day in the Magnolia. I wound up missing being on the 'Bling Bling' video. That sh*t was crazy, but they ain't never condoned us doing that sh*t. They (Baby and Slim) always wanted us to kick that sh*t. They tried to help us get off that sh*t, but when you are a young man, you ain't trying to hear that sh*t."