G-Eazy Reacts to Making Forbes’ Cash Princes List

By Staff  |  02/12/2016


G-Eazy returned back to the Bay Area on his "When It's Dark Out" tour this week, where he chopped it up with KMEL's Shay Diddy about his career... including a recent feature in Forbes.

The Oakland rapper was among those featured on Forbes' 2016 Hip-Hop Cash Princes list, which he calls "an honor".

"It's definitely amazing to be recognized by ... obviously Forbes, but it's just, all I know is go. I'm just a goer," G-Eazy explained. "We gotta get it. It's not gonna get itself. It's really no days off and just maximizing opportunities and taking advantage of everything in front of us. Because, I dreamt about this forever... years and years and years. You don't just get these opportunities. It just doesn't happen to everybody."

"To have this window we have right now, to have everything lining up, the way it is with the new album doing well, you gotta strike while the iron's hot and get it while you can. You never know how long it'll last, or if it'll be here tomorrow."

G-Eazy also talks about getting the acting bug and how the tour's been so far.