B-Real Unveils Title For Upcoming Cypress Hill Album

By Staff  |  02/12/2016

Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill are set to return... with their first new album as a group since 2010's Rise Up, which will be titled Elephants On Acid, reports HHDX.

"It's pretty much in the finishing stages," group member B-Real said during an interview with Dash Radio's PROPHETsioNELZ. "Muggs, I believe, is mixing it."

It's been six years since the last Cypress Hill, but B-Real says the process... just takes time.

"As for the six-year delay," B-Real explains that "Cypress Hill has always traditionally took one to two years to make an album. That's not counting the time that we tour and stuff like that. Just because we like to do a lot of work and Muggs likes to flip things 10 times over. What you start with may not be what ends up there, so when I did all my stuff I left the studio. I didn't take no demos, no nothing. I don't know what the fuck any of it sounds like until the very end."

Further details about the album are currently unknown.