Introducing Serato Pyro: Brand’s First Consumer Release

Serato Pyro

Serato, one of the world’s leading audio software for professional musicians, announced this week the release of its first ever consumer product, dubbed Serato Pyro.

The latest drop is an iOS music player app, which allows users to break down each song, finding every beat, then blending them smoothly so it’s hard to tell where one song ends and the next one begins.

According to a press release, Serato Pyro “actually changes the speed of the incoming song to match the one currently playing for an unbelievably smooth listening experience.” So, for exampled, if the tempos of the two songs are too far apart, the app uses an old DJ trick called the “echo out” to make a smooth transition.

It also brings an integration with Spotify, enabling Premium account holders to search for and play music from Spotify’s catalogue of over 30 million songs and even mix them with the music stored on their device.

It also has a number of preset playlists from a number of familiar names, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records, Diplo’s Mad Decent label, Steve Aoki’s brand Dim Mak and The Roots.

The Serato Pyro App is available for free from the App Store.

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