Marshawn Lynch Has Saved Up $50 Million During His Career

By Staff  |  02/08/2016

Marshawn Lynch

We hear time and time again about athletes who end up flat broke at the end of their careers, despite making tens of millions of dollars.

One pro athlete that will likely not make this mistake is Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch... because he "hasn't spent a dime of his playing money," according to insider Ian Rapoport.

Spotrac broke down Lynch's contracts, figuring that he's saved up approximately $50 million in savings from his nine-year NFL career alone. And, that doesn't include the millions that he's made in endorsement deals, or profits from his Beast Mode clothing line.

Lynch seemed to announce this retirement over the weekend, in a tweet posted during Super Bowl, which featured an image of a pair of cleats on a wire and a "peace sign" emoji.

If he does, indeed, retire, he'll have more than enough money to live on in retirement.