Machine Gun Kelly

Following Macklemore’s “White Privilege II”, Machine Gun Kelly weighed in during a chat with TMZ, saying “race is not an issue” for him.

MGK further elaborated on his comments, in a recent interview with Billboard, saying it wasn’t a diss to Macklemore at all.

“It wasn’t even a diss to Macklemore, it was moreso the fact that he chose to speak about race in his music,” MGK said. “I think a big part of why race is such an issue is because we feel stereotypes or add to the stereotypes. I don’t want to shed light on anymore stereotypes because it just helps foster that hatred. That was moreso why I said ‘race is not an issue.’ Race is obviously an issue in the grand scheme of the world, but for that particular question and for the way I see music, race is not an issue. I don’t listen to Sam Cooke because he is a black singer. I listen to Sam Cooke because he’s an amazing vocalist and his song content is beautiful and I can relate.”

The rapper goes on to say he grew up in a racially diverse area in Cleveland, OH, while noting that he is a father of a mixed child.

“I think me and Macklemore exist in two different worlds,” Kelly explains. “I would never think twice about marching next to my brother for an issue we both believe in. These are issues that I am actually facing. Cleveland, Ohio is the real deal. We’ve seen it happen especially moreso with all of these police shootings, friends of mine being killed, all of that happening within the past couple years. The tension is rising more and more and I just have no reason to think twice about standing for what I believe in. I don’t see these people as my black friends — these are my friends, these are my family, these are people in my city that we want to stand up for. I think just as much as racism is an issue so is classism.”