Louis XIII Cognac Now Offers “Miniature” for $600

By Staff  |  02/05/2016

The Louis XIII Miniature

In the world of cognac, one of the world's most coveted and expensive is the Louis XIII. Now, the brand has released a smaller, 50ml bottle, dubbed The Louis XIII Miniature, reports Forbes.

The typical 750ml bottle retails for a minimum of $3,000, while this new, smaller bottle retails for just $600.

"We are thrilled to provide consumers with an option to experience one century in a bottle in a small-sized decanter," Yves de Launay, vice president of Rémy Cointreau U.S.A., tells Forbes. "The Louis XIII Miniature is a true luxury that can either be offered as a gift or for your own personal enjoyment."

The brand says the Miniature is created with the same craft and care, blending up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie; and comes packaged in its own small coffret and gold-adorned Baccarat decanter.