“Crying Jordan” Photographer Had No Idea About The Meme

By Staff  |  02/05/2016

Michael Jordan crying

A photo of Michael Jordan crying is constantly being used on social media as a meme, plastered on the bodies of everybody, from athletes to entertainers. Despite its popularity, the photographer who snapped the photo (during Jordan's induction to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009) had no idea.

62-year-old Associated Press photographer Stephan Savoia recently found out about the "crying Jordan" meme, when the Wall Street Journal emailed him about it.

"I just did some Google searches after I read your email and have not been able to stop laughing," Stephan said.

He says his favorite version is the face being pasted on Tom Brady as he is sitting on the field dejected.

Savoia has been a professional photographer for more than 40 years and has won two Pulitzer prizes for his work.