Scott Storch Opens Up About Cocaine Recovery

Scott Storch

Scott Storch sat down with with industry vet Steve Lobel recently, where opened up about a number of topics, including his much-talked about cocaine recovery.

He says he’s currently focused on family, and has “an amazing woman” in his life, who’s helped him get through his drug addiction and stay on the straight and narrow.

“For the first time in my life I’m really making leaps and bounds and it’s no surprise that I have an amazing woman in my life now,” Storch says. “She’s taken charge of a lot of stuff in my life that I’ve been too lazy to do or too divaish for. I’m taking my life a lot more seriously. She’s helped me become more family oriented. I’m spending a lot of time with my kids. You feel good about yourself after that and good music gets made.

“The woman combined with for the first time in my life, completely shutting down cocaine out of my life [were essential to my resurgence],” he continues. “There was a moment where I was in really bad shape. Then I’d stop that nonsense and then it was only when I went out to a club. [Cocaine] always makes you sloppy, no matter what. For the first time, she managed to get me to really completely forget about drugs and focus on my music, my family, my weed and just chill. It’s having a great effect on my life.”

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