Panthers’ Roman Harper Offers Apartment While He’s at Super Bowl

By Staff  |  02/03/2016

Roman Harper

In some odd news, Panthers safety Roman Harper is offering up his apartment in Charlotte, NC over Super Bowl Weekend, while he's in San Francisco playing in the big game.

A listing has appeared on, which offers a fan and a friend the chance to rent Harper's apartment for a night and watch Sunday's Super Bowl, reports ESPN.

"Come watch me play in the Super Bowl -- from my own couch," the listing promises.

To rent Harper's place, a fan has to fork over $5,000... with proceeds going to his own Home 41 Foundation. And, Airbnb will match the donation. But, Harper will also throw in a signed football.

There's a few stipulations. There's a maximum of two guests, no pets are allowed, "specially Broncos", and no parties are allowed.

The listing also notes that the main room has a 70-inch screen.