MC Eiht Says Tupac’s Gang Affiliations Led to His Death

By Staff  |  02/03/2016

MC Eiht

Compton rap legend MC Eiht recently opened up about celebrities and their gang affiliation... specifically, in regard to the late Tupac Shakur.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Eiht essentially says Pac's connection with Suge Knight and the Bloods led to his demise.

The general consensusĀ is the drive-by shooting that killed Tupac... cameĀ in retaliation to the attack on Crips member Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson hours earlier.

"It was a basically a situation Pac shouldn't have been in. Like you said, it's gangbangin'. When it boils down to it, you had the Bloods and you had the Crips," Eiht explained.

"Everybody know about the incident that happened with the [Death Row chain being snatched weeks before Pac's Death]... so, my thing about that is like you have to really tread lightly when it comes to gangbangin', affiliation and who you f*cking with," he continued. "Because you might be trying to prove a point to the dudes you around, but you never have any idea who the f*ck you f*cking with. You don't know if this dude done killed 50 motherf*ckers or nobody. So, by him not being from Compton and knowing the foundations of these real dudes, he stepped into a world that he wasn't probably gonna be able to get out of. Once you start that and get to dissing and claiming, 'I'mma Blood, I'mma Crip' and you start affiliating yourself, then people gonna take that down to history. Now you stepping into a world that ain't got nothing to do with fancy chains, million dollars and hotel suites."

It's been nearly 20 years since Pac's death, and now, we see singer Chris Brown in a similar position... for his affiliation with Bloods. However, Eiht says gangbanging has changed since his young days.

"It's not a life and death situation," he says. "When I gangbanged it was a life and death situation. I didn't get to go to Grammy parties when I was gangbanging and even when I started rapping, I was still affiliating myself. So it was more for me being accepted going back to the block as to getting invited to some body's party."