Tinashe Sets a Thirst Trap on Complex Cover

By Staff  |  02/02/2016

Tinashe Sets a Thirst Trap on Complex Cover

Tinashe sets a thirst trap, gracing the cover of Complex's February/March 2016 issue... in her sexiest shoot ever.

"This is definitely a racy photo shoot," she tells the mag. "This is probably one of my racier ones. The only other one that could rival this shoot is my Playboy shoot but I think this one's actually hotter."

As Tinashe preps her sophomore album Joyride, she shows off a lot of skin, while discussing the upcoming project, her career pre-"2 On", and her high school dating struggles in the accompanying interview.

Below are some excerpts. See the rest at Complex.

On the status of Joyride: "I would've said 95 percent, but now I'm going back to 80 percent. Rethinking some things in the 11th hour."

On recording in her childhood bedroom: "It's a place for my solitude. I'm very comfortable here. I can be pure inspiration here, and not be affected by any other factor, whether that's a producer or anyone else's opinion. It also makes me feel like I'm the same person I was before I had any level of success, which was when I was the most inspired creatively."

A plan B? Nope: "I have no Plan B. I've set this up so that my entire life is based on this, and if this fails I have nothing else. No career options. No life options. I've sacrificed so much for this; failure is so beyond an option. There can only be setbacks. It'll eventually work because it can't not work. And it's never a fully hopeless situation, because I'll always have some support."

On her busy schedule: "I'm not a big fan of downtime. I have too much time to think." About what? She scoffs, like it should be obvious. "That I'm not doing enough. That I'm not good enough. That I'm wasting my time."

On high school dating: "Nobody wanted to f*ck with me. As far as the guys go, nobody wanted to like me or date me. They'd talk to me in secret and then at school they'd ignore me. Literally ignore me to my face. And psychologically that messes with you. It makes you feel that you must be genuinely unattractive if this person doesn't want anyone to know that you even talk. That's bad."