Funk Volume’s Damien Ritter Addresses Fallout With Hopsin

Damien Ritter and Hopsin

Indie rap star Hopsin shocked fans earlier this year, when he abruptly left his Funk Volume label and dissed his now-former business partner Damien Ritter.

Since releasing his comments, Dame has remained tight-lipped… up until this weekend, when he confirmed their split.

“As most people know Funk Volume has come to an abrupt end,” he wrote on Facebook. “I don’t think anyone knew that things would end so suddenly. I’m still trying to make sense of it all and how it got to this point. It’s extremely sad because I know how so many fans felt about the label.”

Ritter opted not to get until details, but expressed his disappointment in the situation.ย “I learned a lot of over the past 7 years and the people that really know me know that I poured my all into FV every single day of those 7+ years. I feel like we were on the brink of something special and it’s a shame that the full vision of Funk Volume won’t come to fruition,” he explained.

Although he and Hopsin have moved on, Ritter says he’ll continue the company’s vision, while working closely with Funk Volume artist, Dizzy Wright, who drops a new EP this week called Wisdom And Good Vibes.

“On a positive note, what happened to FV will not stop the vision. I’ve met a ton of good people on this journey and I’m excited to move forward with the people that share the same vision.”

Ritter also says he’ll tell the “Funk Volume story” one day, but only after he is “able to really step back and understand what happened myself.”

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