Rihanna’s “ANTI” Album Already Platinum


Rihanna just dropped her long-delayed ANTI album this week… outta nowhere, and it’s already platinum.

The RIAA made the announcement on Twitter, a mere 15 hours after the album’s release.

Rihanna dropped ANTI through Jay Z’s TIDAL streaming service, where it was reportedly downloaded and/or bought 1.4 million times. Despite the number, reports say Billboard and Nielsen Soundscan aren’t counting the activity on Tidal for their respective charts.

“There were conversations [with Billboard] early on when this promotion and partnership started, but ultimately it became about giving music directly to the fans,” Grace Kim, TIDAL’s director of marketing, told SPIN. “While everyone would’ve love to have it count, the thing that we’re focused on here is that it’s No. 1.”

ANTI is now available at Tidal.

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