Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine Can “100 Percent” Take Deadpool

By Staff  |  01/29/2016

Deadpool vs Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is gearing up to play, for the last time, iconic Marvel superhero Wolverine. But, how would he fare in a fight with Deadpool... he says it'd be no contest.

While at Sundance, promoting his new movie Eddie the Eagle, the actor was asked whether or not his character could take down Ryan Reynolds in red spandex.

"A hundred percent," Jackman said, according to Yahoo.

Wolverine already took on Deadpool in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though it was a very different Deadpool than we see in the upcoming Ryan Reynolds film.

Reynold called the appearance a "career low", though he said he has "no problems with Hugh", who feels the same.

"Love it. It's just brilliant," Jackman said of Reynold's jokes. "I mean, I love Ryan, he’s a good mate of mine. He’s so fantastic."

Wolverine 3 is set for release March 3, 2017.