Martin Shkreli Threatens Ghostface Killah in Hilarious Video

Martin Shkreli

In one of the most bizarre hip-hop beefs in recent memory, alleged fraudster Martin Shkreli took to the Internet this week… to diss Wu-Tang Clan legend, Ghostface Killah.

Ghostface recently called the financial executive — who is facing securities fraud charges and made headlines in December, as the buyer of the one-of-one Wu album, Once Up A Time In Shaolin — a “sh*thead”, while urging him to release the album for fans.

After responding back, calling him a “non-profit rapper”, Shkreli returned with one of the funniest videos we’ve ever seen.

Published by TMZ, Shkreli — with goons by his side — threatens Ghostface and warns him to watch his mouth.

“Dennis, I’mma call you by your government name. You’re not a Ghostface Killah,” he begins. “I’m sorry. In fact, most people don’t ever try to beef with me. You know why? Nobody’s that dumb. Every one of my enemies, they try to stay anonymous. They try to stay out of sh*t, because … it’s one of those things, where you think it’s okay to beef with me. That’s a big mistake.”

He then goes on to threaten to erase any verse from Ghostface off the Shaolin album.

“I’m gonna erase you from the record books of rap,” Shkreli continued. “You’re gonna be done. You’re my son. You have to listen to me. I buttered your bread, you understand me?”

Before his rant was done, Shkreli even claimed Wu affiliate Killah Priest was busted for cocaine … and “snitched to the Feds”. LOL.

Watch the full video, in its hilarious entirety below.

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