Kobe Kicked Larry Nance Jr. Off the Bench to Get a Seat

By Staff  |  01/27/2016

Kobe Bryant

When you're a rookie like Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr., you always give up your seat on the bench for NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

During the team's 92-90 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday (Jan. 27) at Staples Center, Kobe was out of the line-up with a sore right shoulder ... but came out from the locker room in his street clothes, approached the Lakers bench ... and well, told Nance, Jr. to take a seat on the floor.

"I was just minding my own business, watching the game, and all of the sudden, I hear, 'Nance! Nance! Get up!' " Nance recalled after the game, but says he was happy to oblige and quickly got up.

"At that point, it's not a [situation] like, 'No, I'm a man, and you can't have my [seat].' It's out of respect. It's out of respect. You've earned that. C'mon, now. If there's anybody that deserves to do that, it would be him."