Lil Wayne Talks Adoption of Skate Style, Trukfit

Lil Wayne

When rappers were wearing white tees and baggy pants, Lil Wayne began rocking skate brands like DC Shoes and Supra.

He’s since taken the style in his own hands, via his own Trukfit brand, which he discusses in a recent interview with NiceKicks.

“I just wanted to be different,” Weezy explained of his skate fashion influence early on. “I kinda figured that if I like something, I’ll always end up loving it. So, I liked they swag and ended up loving it. And now I’m skating… I picked up the style a long time before I picked up the board. You can’t look like it without living it. You can’t live it without talking about it.”

Later, he discussed Trukfit. “It’s amazing because it was just an idea,” Weezy said. “The whole clothing line. It was just an idea. I never imagined people would wear anything that I say was cool to wear. Because everybody know I do not know how to dress. So, given that, just to see anybody throw it on is amazing to me… When I see someone with it on it automatically takes me back to what I didn’t have, and now what I have and want to have.”

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