Gemini: Heroes Reborn | PS4 (Trailer)

By Staff  |  01/25/2016

Following the finale of the Heroes reboot last week, dubbed Heroes Reborn, fans were hit with bad news: no Season 2.

So for now, the series continues in video game format with the upcoming titled Gemini: Heroes Reborn.

Based on the recently canned TV series, the game is first-person, action-adventure that gives the player the abilities of the young evolved human, Cassandra, as she tries to save her family and escape The Quarry

In the trailer, we're teased with quests like "Uncover your Past" and "Control the Future", while weilding powers like Telekinesis and Time Travel.

Gemini: Heroes Reborn drops for the PS4 on Jan. 26, but is available now for the XBox One and Steam OS.