Cavs Fire Coach David Blatt, Says It’s Not LeBron’s Decision

By Staff  |  01/24/2016

David Blatt

Mid-way through his second NBA season, coach David Blatt has been fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The team made the announcement on Friday, replacing him with top assistant Tyronn Lue.

Blatt guided the Cavs to the NBA Finals last year, and the team currently has the Eastern Conference's best record (30-11) midway through this season... but apparently, things weren't going well in the locker room.

General manager David Griffin cited "a lack of fit with our personnel and our vision," regarding the firing.

"What I see is that we need to build a collective spirit, a strength of spirit, a collective will," Griffin said. "Elite teams always have that, and you see it everywhere. To be truly elite, we have to buy into a set of values and principles that we believe in. That becomes our identity."

Despite the explanation, some believe it was LeBron James influence that led to the firing, though Griffin denies this vehemently.

"I've got a problem in general with this narrative, and those of you that have been with us for a while understand this," he told reporters. "LeBron plays for this team. And he's the leader of this team. And, he desperately wants to bring a championship to this team. LeBron doesn't run this organization. LeBron is about this organization, and he is of this organization, and he's of our community. But this narrative that somehow we're taking direction from him, it's just not fair. It's not fair to him in particular. But frankly, it's kind of not fair to me and our group anymore."

Blatt's departure is the Cavs' third coach that has been let go in four seasons.