Memphis Bleek Recalls Jay Z’s Beef With Nas

By Staff  |  01/21/2016

Memphis Bleek

In 2001, Jay Z and Nas had hip-hop on fire with their highly publicized feud.

Nas hit Jay hard when he released "Ether", which plenty of fans felt put the nail in the coffin... but it just put a fire under Jay's ass, says Memphis Bleek.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Bleek explained what it was like following "Ether", saying he and Jay re-planned the strategy because of it.

"Nah, not that 'He got you.' He got one. 'Yeah, we gotta get him. We gotta get back. We gotta double-back. Re-plan this strategy.' Because you can't front, when he dropped 'Ether,' everybody was just rocking with him. But you know what I noticed over the years? People love the underdog," he explained.

Later in the interview, Bleek admits that the expectations Jay Z put onto him was wayyy too high.

"Of course," he said when asked about Jay Z's expectations. "That right there, you don't even know. When that line came out on that album, I was in the crib writing every day. Cause it's like 'Damn, I gotta match -- I gotta try to be better than what you are.' Cause remember then, he wasn't what he is now. So, you know, it was a ceiling there I thought I saw. But then he just took off. It's no matching that... I missed that whole run [Bad Boy tour] because I was feeling myself. Coming Of Age dropped. I got the V. I'm the man in school. I don't need the studio no more. I accomplished what I needed... I didn't drop an album. This was just Coming Of Age on the album. I was feeling myself, so I didn't want to go to the studio. And then Jay came to the crib and had a real conversation with me that I always held to this day. And it changed my life."