Former G-Unit Member Bang Em Smurf Says 50 Cent Put A Hit On Him

By Staff  |  01/21/2016

Bang Em Smurf

Former 50 Cent associate, Bang Em Smurf, recently accused his former friend of putting a hit out on him.

In an interview with Report Card Radio, the rapper offered an explanation... as to why he believes 50 put a hit out on him years ago.

"I lost all respect for him after I seen the 'I'm The Man' video. It's really 'F*ck the Unit' after I seen that video," Smurf said, when asked about 50 Cent. "Like these the n*ggas he running with? That confirmed he put a hit on me. That was confirmed. Just like how you said Preem and Ja [Rule] put a hit on him, well I can confirm now, 'cause the same n*gga who tried to take a shot at me was in his video, so that was a hit. So f*ck that whol camp, n*gga. I'll never be friends with none of that."

Regarding the "I'm The Man" video, Smurf detailed why 50 Cent has no respect in New York any more, due to the people in the video.

"The real n*ggas don't f*ck with Fif," he explained. "If you see his new video 'I'm the Man', he's got a lot of bozos in his video. Some of these n*ggas is Queens n*ggas. There's lame n*ggas in that video, so that's why no one respect Fif no more. He lost his respect and the n*ggas he got around him, the streets don't respect 'cause they know about 'em."