Cam’ron Shouts Out Those Who Helped Him In “U Wasn’t There”

By Staff  |  01/21/2016


Cam'ron dropped a highly personal track this week, titled "U Wasn't There", in which he shouts out a number of people in his life throughout his career.

On the song, he name drops everyone from Duke Da God to Big L to his mother and grandparents.

Why? In a newly published interview with The FADER, Cam said the song was "a chance to shout out some of the people I never have."

"Everybody knows the usual suspects when it comes to me, the people I rap with or the people I always shout out," Cam says. "This is giving me a chance to shout out some of the people I never have. I feel good doing something like this. It’s kind of the story behind the story."

The song's music video, which is directed by Cam'ron himself, is comprised of photos collected from Facebook, Instagram, and his Mother's own archive.

At the beginning of the track, he thanks a woman named Toi Dawkins, whom he reveals is his son's mother.

"I've known her since I was eleven years old. During my teenage years, when I really wasn't doing that well financially, she helped out a lot," Cam tells the mag. "Even though me and her were basically the same age, she always made sure I had a couple dollars in my pocket and clothes on my back -- and that was before we even had a child. I never really shouted her out like that, so I just wanted to give her a shout out."

"U Wasn't There" is expected to appear on Cam'ron's forthcoming, Purple Haze 2, which is his so-called retirement album... that, according to The FADER, is scheduled for release this fall.