The D.O.C. Says He’s Lived With Dr. Dre Most of His Life

By Staff  |  01/19/2016

The D.O.C.

The D.O.C., who worked closely with Dr. Dre over the years, opens up about their long-standing friendship.

During a sit-down with Vlad TV, the rap veteran explained how the two have fallen out several times... and revealed that he's even lived with Dre for most of his life.

"I can spend money any time I want. I still live in the best houses, drive the flyest cars... none of its mine," D.O.C. explained of the past.

"I was using Dre's money. If I needed some money, I just said, 'Hey bro, I need some money'... It gets old, but I was driving his Ferrari everywhere. Where ever he lived, I lived. It was a great life. I lived with Dre most of my life".