Kanye West Boosted Sales For Alpha Industries’ Bomber Jackets

Kanye West

There’s no question that Kanye West influences trends. In the past year, thanks to the rap star consistently rocking bomber jackets, Alpha Industries saw a boost in sales.

The heritage brand revealed recently that they saw a 30-percent increase in revenue, and of that, the most popular silhouette was theirΒ MA-1 Jacket.

Alpha Industries chief executive officer Mike Cirker tells WWD that Kanye reached out to them years ago. “Kanye West’s team called us up two or three years ago before his ‘Yeezus’ tour and said he wanted tour jackets for everyone. This was a year ahead of when the trend hit the runways, so he was very forward-thinking. He bought 100 jackets or so from us and applied his own logo and patches.”

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