Cleveland Browns Have Given Up On Johnny Manziel, Says Sources

By Staff  |  01/13/2016

Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns have hired Hue Jackson as their new head coach, which ultimately means the end of Johnny Manziel's time in the city.

According to ESPN, a source said Manziel was discussed at length in meetings between Jackson and Browns ownership, during which the new coach indicated that he would prefer the team move on from Manziel if he were to become coach... and he was told that would not be a problem.

This was followed by the Browns agreeing to hire Jackson as their new coach on Wednesday.

The issues with Manziel have been ongoing since he was drafted in 2014. While they gave him a number of chances, the last straw came when he missed the season finale -- and a scheduled assessment of his season-ending concussion.

Now, the Browns have to decide to trade Manziel or simply cut him when the waiver period begins after the Super Bowl.