Actor Tim Roth Recalls Rapping With Tupac At Death Row

By Staff  |  01/13/2016

Tupac and Tim Roth

Actor Tim Roth has a lot of memorable roles, but one a lot of hip-hop fans probably remember was the 1997 indie film, Gridlock'd, which he starred in alongside the late Tupac Shakur.

While the film wasn't a box office success, Roth said he and Pac has some good times together.

In a recent interview with The Late Late Show With James Corden, the actor recalled an experience when the two rapped together in the studio.

Roth says it was hilarious. "A little pasty-faced London boy walking into Death Row Records was... well, people were just laughing at me," he said.

He, alongside Pac and co-star Thandie Newton, all laid down some material, apparently. "We all rapped together, but I couldn't keep a straight face," Roth says. "I didn't write a thing. He just made me say stuff."

What happened to the recordings? "It's in a vault somewhere," he said.