DJ Mustard Details Current Relationship With YG

By Staff  |  01/12/2016

DJ Mustard

In the years leading up to YG's debut album, My Krazy Life, he and producer DJ Mustard were inseparable. However, in the past year, the pair have been doing their own thing, working with others outside their respective circles, which has led to questions about their relationship.

With Mustard rolling out solo material, the producer was recently asked about the current status of his relationship with the Compton rapper... to which he explained that while they do see each other often these days, they're still "brothers".

"When you get successful, and you with your friends, a lot can change in the time it takes to get successful. It took a toll on all of us, not just me and YG. All of us... like we don't see each other all the time like we used to," Mustard told Hot 97 host Nessa in a recent interview.

"We come from me, YG and Ty [Dolla $ign] being in a house in Baldwin Hills, to me and YG living in a house in Inglewood, to doing all of our music together every day. Me DJing for YG on the road to not barely seeing each other. It can become a miscommunication, so when people are like, 'Where is you and YG?' I be like, 'Come on, that's my bro.' At the end of the day, we brothers... whatever we're going through."

Currently, Mustard is promoting a new single with Travis Scott called "Whole Lotta Lovin", while YG is hard at work on his sophomore effort, Still Krazy. While they're not currently working together... Mustard credits it to the evolution of their respective careers.

"Right now, we both busy," he explained. "I'm working on an album, he working on an album. This time, [YG is] going a different route. I'm letting him be an artist. He's a great rapper, songwriter. YG know what he doing."