Darlene Ortiz Reflects On Iconic Ice-T Album Cover, “Power”

By Staff  |  01/10/2016

Ice-T - Power

Darlene Ortiz, the ex-wife of Ice-T and model on the cover of his 1988 album Power, reflects the iconic album cover... and how it changed her life.

"I look back at that picture and think, 'Girlfriend, you have no idea what’s getting ready to unfold after that,' " she tells AllHipHop. "I was just happy to represent and do for my man what we were both intending to do which was to help out his career."

The album art inspires the cover of Ortiz's new book, The Definition of Down: My Life with Ice-T & the Birth of Hip Hop, which released in November.

While the swimsuit didn't leave much to the imagination, she says people have to remember what the album signified.

"People forget -- especially when they see my solo picture -- underneath our three poses, it says 'Power'. People forget that's what it was representing. I'm very proud. It's going to be 28 years in 2016 from when that album cover came out."

Nearly three decades later, the image is iconic. "My godson bought a skateboard that had the image on it," Ortiz says. "We thought he was just going to keep it in his room. Then he got busted for taking it to school. He's asking, 'What's wrong? This is my godmomma ' I can't wait to share that [picture] with my grandbabies in the future like, 'This was your grandma.' "

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