The World’s First Commercially Available Passenger Drone

By Staff  |  01/08/2016

Guangzhou-based Ehang revealed a look at the future at Las Vegas' CES this week... with the unveiling of the world's first self-flying aircraft prototype.

The Ehang 184 is similar t a quadcopter drone, but features a small cockpit that can carry a single passenger.

Following 100 test flights, the pilotless vehicle has been designed to fly at altitudes of between 300 to 500-meters, though the company claims it can reach up to 3500-meters. Flying at a maximum speed of 63mph, the self-flying drone allows passengers to choose their route and destination via tablet... and take off, delivering you up to 10 miles away.

It's unclear if flight restrictions in the UK/US could limit the use of passenger drones, but Ehang are working to get the prototype ready for the skies.