Kanye West Says He Didn’t Diss LeBron James

By Staff  |  01/08/2016

Kanye West

Although some interpreted references to LeBron James in Kanye West's new song "Facts" as a diss, the rapper says this is not the case.

In a tweet early Friday (Jan. 8), he denied that he dissed the NBA star, calling him "fam".

"The media tried to make it seem like I was downplaying LeBron on my song FACTS which I would never do," West wrote, which has since been deleted. "Lebron is fam bottom line."

On the song, which was debuted on New Years Eve, Kanye takes aim at Nike, saying their collaboration with Drake saved them... while also adding that they "gave LeBron a billi' not to run away."

LeBron would later response, during an interview, saying he backs Nike, regardless of the matter... especially after he inked a lifetime deal with the company.

"Obviously I'm going to side with Nike no matter who it is," James said. "It's just, it's family when you talk about Nike, and I'm always on their side no matter what the situation is."