Treach Takes Shots At Kanye West

Kanye West and Treach

Naughty By Nature frontman Treach doesn’t seem to be feeling Kanye West… and let everyone know this week on social media.

The East Coast rap legend posted a pair of tweets dissing Ye.

In one, he posts a photo of the rapper on the left with the caption: “I THINK PAC IS OVERRATED”. On the right is a pic of Tupac with a caption reading: “NO YOUR WIFE IS”.

In another tweet, Treach comments on a photo of two lions, one of which is on its back on the ground. “What Kim says after she takes her Stap On Dildo off after Hitting Kanye in the A$$!!” he writes.

Treach was good friends with the late Tupac Shakur. His group, Naughty By Nature, released a tribute track in 1997 called “Mourn You Til I Join You”.

Naughty By Nature are gearing up for a 25th anniversary tour, set to kick off late this month.

  1. LMAFOOOOOOOOOOOO Treach is a retard for believing hack websites…

  2. No you do your research moron,its straight up untrue site that was also saying Bieber joined the KKK.

  3. Tha fake will always be jealous of Pac, even in death. Tha real will appreciate & learn from the jewls he dropped. #OutLawNation

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