Introducing The Alienware OLED Gaming Notebook

Alienware OLED Gaming Notebook

Computer hardware maker Alienware introduced an exciting gaming notebook at CES this week, the Alienware 13-inch OLED.

Touted as the first gaming notebook featuring an OLED display, the laptop is custom-designed for the mobile gamer, via a partnership with Samsung. As for the OLED technology, this means it boasts higher contrast and better color saturation, creating a more vibrant display with true black — surely making gamers excited for 2016.

As shown in the imagery, the OLED noteboard is given a dark-red chassis, allowing it to stand out from the crowd. However, the company says the offering will release in the existing silver chassis in the early spring… because “the red one is not official just yet.”

Further details, including specs and pricing, is currently unknown. Stay tuned…

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