Yacht In The Sky: Introducing The Skyacht One Private Jet

By Staff  |  01/05/2016

If you thought the Etihad Airways' $32,000 flight from JFK to Abu Dhabi we posted about in December was baller, this one-ups it.

This is the private jet of private jets, SottoStudios' Skyacht One.

Dubbed as a "yacht that can fly," the Skyacht One is based on the Embraer Flagship Lineage 1000E and boasts 4,000 available cubic feet of cabin space with features like a chartroom, incorporating a marquetry mural embedded with a planetary clock; a conference room with engraved brass, gold, silver and platinum detailing and leather sunshades; a main cabin, which is furnished with a sofa, TV and cocktail bar; and a master suite with its own shower and bathroom.

Additionally, skylights run the length of the aircraft, while mood lighting adjusts itself to match the outside view.

It's not cheap though. The Skyacht One starts at a mere $83 million USD. For more info, click here.