LeBron James Responds To Kanye West’s Nike Diss

By Staff  |  01/05/2016

LeBron James

Michael Jordan's son Marcus laughed off Kanye West's Nike diss on his latest song, "Facts", and now, LeBron James responds.

LeBron just inked a lifetime deal with Nike, so when asked about the song by Cleveland.com, he had to offer an answer... and did so, in a politically correct-type of way.

"I haven't really listened to it. I heard about it but I haven't listened to it," he said this week.

LeBron continued, making it clear who he stands by in the beef. "Obviously I'm going to side with Nike no matter who it is," he said. "It's just, it's family when you talk about Nike, and I'm always on their side no matter what the situation is, so. We don't look upon nobody on our side, we just try to put the best athletes that we can out on the floor every night."

On the song, Kanye throws jabs at Nike over Drake and Future's "Jumpman" instrumental, saying that without Drake's partnership, the brand would've experience a sharp decline.

He also mentions LeBron on it, when he raps: "Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves / Gave LeBron a billi' not to run away."