Cleveland Browns Done With Johnny Manziel?

By Staff  |  01/04/2016

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel is making it hard for the Cleveland Browns to position him in the franchise's future. Some believe, the team is finished dealing with him altogether.

Apparently, the two-year quarterback was M.I.A. over the weekend for the Browns' season finale and a required meeting at the team facility.

Owner Jimmy Haslam said Manziel was supposed to check in with medical staff Sunday morning, as players with concussions are required to do, but he didn't. The Browns even tried to reach him by phone, but couldn't find him.

He was also absent from the team's final game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Where was he? Reports said that he was in Las Vegas. According to USA Today, Manziel was spotted having dinner and gambling on Saturday at the Planet Hollywood casino... then completely blew off his obligations in Cleveland.

"I haven't seen Johnny and I'm not sure if those reports are accurate or not," owner Jimmy Haslam said of the Vegas report. "We do expect a lot out of our players on and off the field, and I'll just leave it at that."

It was the same situation last season with him, but the Brown gave him another shot. He missed treatment on an injured hamstring the day before last season's finale after being out the night before, then was banished to the locker room during the game.

However, during the offseason, Manziel attempted to turn things around. He spent 10 weeks in rehab from January through April 2015. But, after being lied about a videofor the rest of the season on Nov. 17, Manziel got into trouble when he lied about a video that surfaced on social media showing him holding a bottle of champagne. The Browns demoted from first to third string.

With the season done, and coach Mike Pettine being fired, Manziel's future is up in the air.

The Browns can A), give him another shot; B), cut ties with him completely, but would give up a first-round pick for nothing; or C), attempt to trade him, though his off-field antics could make it tough.

How do you think the Browns should handle Manziel?