Baltimore Ravens Players Call Out Snoop Dogg

By Staff  |  01/02/2016

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a major Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but some players on the rival Baltimore Ravens are calling him out for flip-flopping and being fans of both.

Last Sunday, the rap icon took to Instagram to vent about his frustrations with his Steelers, saying: "I hate playing the f*cking Ravens. Just lose the game and lay down so we can get in the playoffs. Always got something to prove."

Ravens players saw Snoop's rant after they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-17... and called him out.

Soon after the rant, pictures surfaced of Snoop at the Ravens' facility in 2008 and wearing a Ravens hat. He even spoke to the team after one training camp practice and told players that he was a Ravens fan, according to one player, reports ESPN.

"So, what side are you really on? You can't have two teams that you like that are rivals," said Ravens nose tackle Brandon Williams.

If Snoop Dogg decided to switch his allegiance, would the Ravens welcome him back? "I don't know about that," receiver Kamar Aiken said. "You can't go from the Steelers and back to the Ravens."

Fuck the ravens

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