40 Glocc Awarded $3K Judgement In Lawsuit Against Game

40 Glocc and Game

Days before Christmas 40 Glocc finally won his lawsuit against Game, when he was awarded a $3,000 judgement for an altercation in July 2012.

According to MyNewsLA, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Susan Bruguera also found that Game committed battery against 40 Glocc, and will set up a second phase of the trial to determine whether he should pay punitive damages.

A status conference is scheduled Jan. 14.

Brugera said in her ruling that the amount of money 40 was awarded reflects his lack of candor during his testimony.

“The court finds plaintiff’s total disregard for the truth while testifying results in his failure to carry his burden of proof on all causes of action except for the undisputed battery,” Brugera wrote in a three-page ruling.

40 Glocc sued Game in October 2012, and testified that his rap rival and three others assaulted him and pointed guns at him, as he was leaving a party in Hollywood.

“I feared I was going to die,” he testified. “Everybody’s got guns on me. My best defense was to run and get away.”

Later, 40 Glocc testified that Game put a loaded gun to his head. “He cocked it, put a bullet in the chamber and said, ‘You heard me, I said turn up.’ I turned and ran. I got chased down.”

“I said, ‘Look at me, you don’t want to do that, get your hand off that trigger.’ Everybody else was saying, ‘Shoot him, shoot him.’ My life was just flashing.”

A witness said Game moved the gun from 40 Glocc’s forehead to his chest, after which he was assaulted.ย “Everybody just started punching me and beating me up,” 40 said of the attack, which lasted around 20 minutes.

40 Glocc claimed to have received medical treatment for injuries to his face, hands and legs; and maintained that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a claim the judge rejected.

In her ruling, the judge noted that 40 Glocc is an admitted gang member with a violent past.

“Plaintiff’s testimony of suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of defendant’s battery and not because of the prior violence in his life totally lacks credibility,” Brugera wrote.

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