Shy Glizzy

After getting his chain snatched in Memphis before Christmas, DC rapper Shy Glizzy addresses the incident.

“I slip’d up and got comfortable but that come from tha amount of love I show other n*ggaz. never again,” Glizzy tweeted. “N*ggaz got tha chain off tha floor. that ain’t no robbery, that’s a hoe move.”

He continued, saying the robbers would get paid back, one way or another. “What goes around comes around,” he wrote. “For every action, there’s a reaction.. chain-reaction!”

Glizzy was in Memphis for a performance on Dec. 19, during which an incident took place where he was reportedly jumped by a number of individuals and robbed of his chain.

Following the incident, a number of Memphis rappers took to the Internet to take credit. One rapper named Big Mota claimed that Glizzy disrespected him. “We asked you nicely to do a song, you said get the f*ck out your face,” he says.