Check out Jack Daniel’s Annual Barrel X-Mas Tree

Jack Daniel's Barrel Tree

Getting the perfect Christmas tree is more difficult than you think, but the fellas at Jack Daniel’s have the right idea. The brand compiled 140 whiskey barrels in Lynchburg, Tennessee to created their annual Jack Daniel’s Barrel Tree.

Here’s a few fun facts about the tree.

  • It is made out of 140 used American White Oak barrels.
  • The barrels weigh approximately 115 pounds each. When full, the barrels weigh approximately 550 pounds.
  • Each barrel holds 53.3 gallons of Tennessee Whiskey.
  • As a Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s only uses its barrels one time for maturation.
  • The barrels are so important to Jack Daniel’s that it is the only major distillery to own its own cooperage.
  • The barrel is responsible for all the color of Jack Daniel’sand more than half its flavor.
  • The barrel tree took approximately one week to construct and was lit at a special Lynchburg holiday celebration on Saturday, December 5th.
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