Shy Glizzy

DC rapper Shy Glizzy has his chain snatched over the weekend in Memphis.

The rapper was in town for a performance at Dream Nightclub on Saturday, and was jumped and robbed of his chain early the next day.

Local rapper OTF Ru Bezzal popped up on Twitter, taunting Glizzy on Twitter with a photo of his alleged chain. “Damn @Shyglizzy how you let some young n*ggas kick your ass and take your chain? What happened to ya 30y?” he tweeted.

Later, Ru Bezzal warned others to avoid problems with him, or they may receive the same treatment. “Shy Glizzy Should’ve Had Sum Killas On His Rosta OML,” he wrote. “For You Outta Town Rappers DO NOT COME TO MEMPHIS On Some F*CK SH*T These Folks Ain’t Bs Outchea.”

A video from local rapper named Big Mota later surfaced, in which he explains that Glizzy’s chain was snatched because he refused to do a feature with his crew. “We asked you nicely to do a song, you said get the f*ck out your face,” he says.

Shy Glizzy has not responded.