Escort Max 360

Today, there are more ways than ever to get a ticket. There’s red light cameras, air patrol, speed cameras, and of course, radar/laser guns. So, Escort offers premium protection at avoiding costly tickets… with the introduction of its all-new Max 360.

The radar detector offers 360-degree protection from laser/radar guns, as well as other threats… but its big innovation comes from the addition of arrow indicators that alerts the drivers of a threat from all directions. Not only will it alert you, but will also detail the type and strength of the speed-measurement signal, as well.

If a threat is detected, the Escort Max 360 gives you both a visual and audio alert.

The technology packed into the Max 360 is a pleasant surprise. It utilizes Bluetooth technology to tap into Escort Live!, the company’s smartphone app that warns of threats ahead, thanks to the collective data from all users within the community (similar to how the WAZE app works). So, threats like speed traps will alert the driver well in advance. Also, thanks to its AutoLearn technology, the system learns, by itself, the locations of false-alarm sources (like automatic doors, for example) on your most frequently-traveled routes… so it will be able to accurately detect threats as you use it.

Its display even indicates the posted speed limit, as well as your real-time speed, so you know exactly how much you need to let off the gas pedal to be within limits.

Escort Max 360

Escort Max 360

Other features include:

Quicker Processing: The new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows for quicker alerts than virtually any other radar detector on the market.
High-Definition Display: A high-definition OLED display shows you arrows that point to the right, left, rear, and front of the detector, so you know where the threat is coming from.
GPS Technology: False alert filtering, speed traps database, and fixed photo enforcement database can all be utilized thanks to the integrated GPS.
Bluetooth Connectivity: This allows you to connect to the Escort Live! community to share info and receive the most accurate details.

Overall, the Escort 360 was very impressive. It sports a stylish and sleek look, so your dashboard isn’t taken over by a massive, ugly contraption, while offering a wide range of features and radar/laser protection… which is being touted (by critics) as arguably the best on the market today. During our week of testing, it helped us avoid tickets on a few occasions, and we finished the week with zero violations. YAY!

Escort is so confident in the Max 360 that it is offering a limited speeding ticket guarantee to those who purchase one from them directly — which means, if you get a ticket, they will pay for it!! Now, that’s standing behind your product.

In the world of radar/laser detectors, Escort and Valentine One, stand as the industry leaders… but it appears that Escort has the edge… with the introduction of the Max 360.

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