Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is back at it. She was reportedly thrown in jail earlier this week, after allegedly biting a female bouncer in the boob at a NYC nightclub.

According to TMZ, the Harlem rapper became enraged on Tuesday night (Dec. 15), when a female bouncer at Up&Down nightclub denied her entry. Apparently, the bouncer had no idea who she was and would not let her enter because she didn’t have a stamp, so Banks flew into a rage, swearing and use racial slurs.

Though the manager decided to let Banks in, she was still pissed, and began berating the bouncer for not knowing her. She went back and spit in her face, prompting others to escort her out of the club.

Upon exit, the rapper allegedly bit the guard on her boob and bit hard.

Banks was later arrested for assault and disorderly conduct and taken to jail.