Rae Sremmurd

Hot 97 personality Ebro exchanged words on social media with producer Mike WiLL Made-It last week, over the notion that Rae Sremmurd don’t write their own lyrics.

“They didn’t write that sh*t. Any of it. Maybe some of it. Mike WiLL-Made It — you know that his name is Mike WiLL-Made It? He made that album. They’re Kriss Kross. It was a fabricated thing that we all liked,” Ebro reported said.

Well, the duo responds, via a freestyle session with Tim Westwood this week, calling Ebro a hater.

During the freestyle, which lasted 20 minutes, Slim Jimmy rapped: “N*ggas hating on me and I call them hating n*ggas Ebro… F*ck them n*ggas talking like we ain’t real good with that pencil / I come straight up off the dome and spit sh*t you gon’ remember.”

Swae Lee also chimed in with some bars of his own, spitting: “Catch me overseas, I’m dropping euros, euros / I ain’t never gave a f*ck about an Ebro, Ebro.”

During the interview portion of their radio appearance, Swae Lee brushed off Ebro’s comments. “People wanna express they opinions,” Lee said. “It’s his opinion. He good for it. Express your opinion. We banging out. We just making music. It’s a new era of music. Music is evolving. People just gotta get their heads wrapped around it.”