Stitches and The Game

Following an altercation outside a Miami nightclub earlier this month, Stitches is challenging Game to step into the ring… as part of a celebrity boxing match.

The Miami rapper has signed a contract to take part in a boxing match against his rap rival, put on by the Celebrity Boxing Federation.

Both Stitches and CBF CEO Damon Feldman took to Instagram to call for Game to sign the contract and get it on.

“I’m bout to sign that contract with Damon [Feldman] right now,” Stitches in an IG video. “That Celebrity Boxing sh*t, boy. Anybody who wants to see me and The Game throw hands, comment below. Your manager hit me, n*gga, but you didn’t. I got jumped, n*gga, but you didn’t touch me.”

In the caption, Stitches says he’ll donate his share to charity. “[Game], time to prove to everybody that you can handle your own beef. We do this and donate the money to a charity . End of discussion.”

Feldman weighed in with a video of his own, also asking Game to sign on the dotted line. “The word is Stitches got snuck. Game, you’ve been offered fights several times [and] you never stepped up. Stitches has signed the contract. Game, are you gonna sign here? Step up.”

The beef between the two rappers began in early October after Stitches publicly questioned Game’s gang ties. Things came to a head outside a Miami nightclub, which ended with Stitches getting laid out by Game’s manager, Wack.