Video Surfaces Of Stitches Getting Jumped By Friends

The day after Miami rapper Stitches got decked by The Game’s manager outside a South Beach nightclub, he was jumped by his own friends.

A video has surfaced of the fight, which features a number of men assaulting the rapper as he tried to flee in a black SUV. Word is, the people are all current, or now former, members of his crew. Apparently, at least one of the men thought the Stitches had set him up to be robbed.

“You tried to get me robbed?” one man is heard yelling in the clip.

Stitches was headed to a Florida barbershop to meet his former friends, and when he showed up, they jumped him.

In an Instagram post after the incident, Stitches claims The Game paid off his homies.

“I got jumped by my own n*ggas yesterday. N*gga, all ya’ll p*ssy,” Stitches says in the clip. Y”ou did good cutting that check to n*ggas [Game]. But I promise Ima catch you punk bitch.”